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Yes,I'm still alive! hahaha
I hadn't time for write other entries here cause I was busy with studies and other things like that...And on the other hand,I wasn't there cause sometimes I wasn't in the right mood for write something,or I hadn't anything to say...hahaha
But,now I'm here and I'm in my Easter holydays from the school,so I found some time for write something here!
Hm~ Ah! The two doujinshi that I talked about the other time,well,I continued to write both of them,but now I've a block in the both of them (maybe for the second I've thought something,but I still have to perfect it)! And,since I haven't any ideas for the two doujinshi,I started to write the spin-off of the first one (a really intelligent thing to do,really...I'm already writing two doujinshi,I don't know how to continue them,and what I do? I write another doujinshi! Yay!Instead of concentrate for find something to write I add other ''troubles''! haha But,since I'm a genious just for say,this is normal from me...xD). But,well,the spin-off is going well,I decided to write it in a more funny way,and the narratore is external from the story! °O°
Mmh,even if is late (and I already did it,but not here) I wanna give some other congratulations to Maru for his graduation! Let's say ''OMEDETOU MARU~''. Now we have a graduated man among KAT-TUN! u_u Nakamaru,feel important! hahaha
And did you see that some weeks ago KAT-TUN were in NYC for meet the choreographer? I hope that they'll realise an album or a single soon! And that we'll have a concert! **
Nakamaru said that they now have to work a lot for their 7th anniversary! Then I think that there's something in the air~
Maybe KAT-TUN we'll have a new TV show and Nakamaru will act in the drama ''Machigawarechatta Otoko'' (what a name! It is an adventure for say it without mistakes! hahaha)
Now,Hyphens want a new album,the next single that maybe will have Ueda's solo PV (what a dream! **) and ,especially, a damned CONCERT! u_u I don't ask that much!
Ah! In Ueda's last manual he said that he highlighted his hair golden! I want to see how he is with those hair so badly! ** But,there isn't a damned pic of him with those hair! -_-
A sad thing is that he doesn't hint to say that he wants long hair back...For now he wants to have his hair in that lenght like he has now...What a pity,I loved him in long hair (well,I love him even now obviously,I loved him even bald -maybe not that much,but since it was always him,I liked him- but,I still love him with long hair!)
Ah! 19 days ago I went on a school trip in the north of Italy,we went to Venice,Mantua and Ferrara,it was really a beautiful trip,but the only thing is that the room which me and my friends have to stay was a total mess! It was terrible! -.-
The bathroom did strange noises when we lighted up the lights and it was too small,the plugs weren't in their place,but they fell of the wall,and then all of the ropes were out off the wall and then there was a hole too! The window didn't want to close and the most beautiful (for say! xD) part wa~s: THE BED WHICH HAS BROKEN FOR THREE TIMES! The first night I had to sleep with one of my room-mate (we were in three in the room) in a bed for just one person,and in fact we were dying for the warmth in that room! And after they repaired the bed,we slept in the same bed! xD
But,well,despite all of these little things,the trip was really good and funny! Exept for the last part where a guy that I totally don't like flirted with me,and after some days some of my friend made him think that I was in love with him...Fortunately I was able to repair all of that mess that those two stupid friends of mine did! Now he knows that I'm in love with someone who isn't him at all! hahahaha
I started to read fanfics! Till some weeks ago I wouldn't never dare to read a fanfic,but a day I was really bored and I started to read something,and I have to say that I liked them,and they even teach me a lot of new words in english! Now I'm following a multichapter one and I'm reading a lot of JunDa one-shots! I've read a lot of these JunDa from a writer in particular,I really like her fanfics,they aren't boring at all! They're funny and perverted to the right level!
But,when I read them I'm like ''Ah~ I'd like to write so good like this in my doujinshi too'' or ''I wonder how can they have all of these good ideas'' and sometimes I even think that I'd like to start to write a fanfic...But,well,I'm not good in this sector,and I even wouldn't know what to write and about who (or better,I'd write it about KAT-TUN,but I wouldn't know about which couple) and what! So, let's say ''bye bye'' to this idea...For now...Maybe someday,who knows,I'll write a fanfic!
Well,I'd like to be like my sister in this sector! She's great! She writes fanfics too! And,even if I don't read them (I'm a bad sister(?) xD)but just some pieces of them cause she wants an opinion,I think that she's great! Even when we talk or play a sort of rolegame between us,I can clearly see the differences between us when she writes something that her character does and when I write them too...She explains a lot of things and take care of any single detail,instead,me,I just write the action and that's all...It's for this that if I'll try to write a fanfic,it wouldn't have a lot of details,cause I'm not good in this sector...hahaha

Well,for now that's all,even cause I think I'm starting to be boring,ne? haha
See you soon and happy Easter! ^^
Bye bye!


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