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Hello! Ueda no Yome desu! haha (In my dreams! xD)

Well,what to say about me? I'm a crazy fangirl from Italy and I'm in love with Japan and KAT-TUN!
I'm just a student,nothing more,my favourite subjects are italian,history,english,french,art,music and,I know that all of you can think I'm a really crazy person,but I quite like maths too...xD
I totally hate geometry and technology.
I'm a solar person and I like to have meet new people and be friends with them. I'm not a really girly person,I can say that I'm a tomboy...xD
My favourite colour is blue,my favourite flower is the rose,my favourite foods are pizza and pasta and I hate some vegetables..xD
I think that my character is a lot like Ueda's...And we have the same tastes! xD
I love J-pop,and my favourite groups and sigers are:
On the top of all KAT-TUN,then,Akanishi Jin,Kuroki Meisa,KIS-MY-FT2,Hey!Say!JUMP!!,Gackt,Glay and L'arc-en-ciel; I also like some of K-pop groups like SHINee,B1A4 and CNBLUE.
My ichiban among KAT-TUN is Ueda...Like you can clearly see in my name...xD,my niban is Kame and Koki,Junno and Maru are all the sanban! xD
Among KIS-MY-FT2 my bias is Nikaido,in Hey!Say!JUMP!! my favourite is Takaki.
In SHINee my favourite is Taemin and after him,there's JongHyun and in B1A4 y favourite is Gongchan and after him JinYoung! ^^
I love reading,and I like a lot reading manga,watch anime and dramas. My favourite kind of anime and manga are Yaoi and Shoujo.
I'm a crazy Yaoi fangirl...xD And I love to make in couple KAT-TUN.
My favourite pairings are KameDa in absolute and,even if is a little strange,I also love JunDa. The pairing that I like,but less than the others are: KoKame and AKame.
I love drawing and my friends,teachers and parents always say that I'm really good at it and that I've got a talent for it.
Since I love drawing,I spend a lot of my time writing two KameDa doujinshi that are my own ideas. (Yeah,I love reading and drawing doujinshi too!)

Mh,I think that I have nothing more to say...
So,this is me and my interests,nice to meet you and I hope that here I can meet a lot of friends! ^^

See you soon! ^^


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June 2013


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