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Konbanwa Minna! How do you do?

Well, after a lot of time I post another entry here! Isashiburi!
I didn't post anything there cause, since this was the last year of school (or better, this grade xD), I had to do final exams and then I had to study a lot! There were 6 days of exams! You can't imagine how anxious I was in these days! But it all went well at least, and now exams are officially finished. Now my summer is started! Yaay!
Ah, as you can see in the previous entry, I've finally written a fanfic, but it is in italian so not all of you can read it. It is a KoKame. To say the truth I don't especially like KoKame (you already know that I'm a KameDa and JunDa addicted! xD), but it was for my sister, her birthday present from me, so I wrote it about KoKame since is her favourite couple.

With the doujinshi I'm writing... Mmmh... What to say, wit the first one (Will you love me properly?) I'm on a "dead point", I'm not able to go on with it! Eheh. With its spin-off... I know what to write in the next pages but not what I have to write in the actual pages xD
Instead with the second doujinshi (Yuuwakuteki na Tsumi) I'm going really well with it! I'm writing it without problems, I've already written and drawn some NC-17 scenes! Now I'm near the "confession part", that means that I have to make Ueda confess to Kame! I can't wait!
I had to re-draw the cover of "Will you love me properly?", cause I didn't like how was it so I draw it again, the drawing is always like that, but this time it came really better than the first time I've drawn it! And I've even drawn a cover for "Yuuwakuteki na Tsumi" (the other doujinshi), it is really cute! I'll show you a pic of the both of them one day! (I still didn't understand how I can post a pic here xD)

Am I the only one who wants a KAT-TUN concert that bad? C'mon! NEWS that has done a concert in the end of 2012 have already announced the date of a new concert and still any news about a probable KAT-TUN new concert or album. I want to see them so badly! I wanna a conceeeeeeeeeeert! TT^TT

Have you read about the un-sure Jin's come back? They say that probably Jin will come back in August with a new single! I'm full of hopes and I really hope that this is a true news and not a prank! I wanna see my JinJin! TT^TT
Ah and some weeks ago I saw on the net the photos of Jin and Meisa's daughter (Theia)! My god! She's really beautiful and adorable! And on the top of all, she's really like Akanishi when he was a child! Wow!

Returning to the school topic. This was the last year I spent with my class, you can't imagine when we went to eat a pizza with our teacher ans the complete class. At the end all of us were crying! I didn't cry s that much since ages! xD
I have to say that even if sometimes I hated that class and being with them, I'll really miss them and I love them! Especially it'll be difficoult when I won't be in the same school as my best friends and when I have to go in a different school from my two males best friends! We were in the same class since the elementary school! :'( I'll miss them and even the guy that I liked for a lot of years hahahaha
You can't imagine how difficoult will be for me when I'll go to the new school since there's none I know! ><'' I'm quite scared that I can't do it and that I can't make friends! TT^TT But well, I'll try to think more positive! hehe

Well, I think that there's nothing more left to say, so, bye byeeee! See you in the next entry! ^^


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