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Birthdate:Jul 28
Hello Minna-san!!
I'm an Italian KAT-TUN,Akanishi Jin,Hey! Say!!JUMP!!,KIS-MY-FT2,SHINee and B1A4's fan!
I'm a Japan-obsessed,my hobbies are reading books,mangas and doujins and I love drawing (In fact I'm actually writing 2 sort of doujin...If we can call them like that,in some ways! xD).
Like I already said,I love KAT-TUN,my ichiban is Ueda (I love all of him! ** I'm really an Ueda-addicted! <3),my niban is Kame (lately is developed a big love for him...xD) and all the other KAT-TUN members are on the 3rd place! But I really love all of them! U_U
My favourite KAT-TUN's ''couples'' are: KameDa (is my favourite on the top of all..I love them together and I'm also writing,like I already said,two sort of doujin about that couple)and JunDa (I know is a little strange but I like to see them together,I think that they're a cute couple! >w<).
Two couples that I like,but not that much,are: KoKame (but I just like them together a little,not that much) and Akame (same as KoKame).
Well...What else?!...Mhh...I don't know,I think that there isn't other to say..xD
Bye Bye,see you!

P.S. I'm sorry for my bad english! xD
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